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[GBA 소식 | GBA NEWS] From Turkey to Korea: restaurateur finds success in Korea

Oh Sinan Ozturk, who was born in Turkey, first came to Korea in 1997 as a student on a scholarship from a Turkish car company and transferred to Seoul National University's Department of Industrial Engineering.


Instead of returning to his home country after finishing his studies, he decided to stay in Korea, and established Kervan Group here. The group now operates 16 restaurants presenting Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, with its head shop located in Itaewon, a multicultural district in Seoul.


After living in Korea for more than 20 years and doing business for about a decade, he realized there are not many chances for foreign entrepreneurs to interact with Koreans.


This revelation led him to set up the Global Business Alliance (GBA), which offers opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs from over 60 countries around the world, along with diplomats and trade counselors, to share their knowledge and experience with Koreans, and do business together.


During an interview with The Korea Times, the founder and CEO of Kervan Group said the number of foreigners seeking to realize their "Korean dream" is estimated at 2.5 million, with this number expected to continue increasing, stressing that their talents and skills will contribute to making Korea a better country.


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