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[GBA 소식 | GBA NEWS] GBA becomes first unique global business platform in Korea

Global Business Alliance (GBA) is a unique business platform designed to help Korean and foreign entrepreneurs, diplomats and trade counselors from more than 60 countries to share innovative ideas and create a bigger picture for their businesses.

Oh Sinan Ozturk, founder and chairman of GBA, said Tuesday that he established the non-profit organization last year as he wanted to provide a place where foreign entrepreneurs in Korea and Korean entrepreneurs can exchange and do business together.

"GBA is a business platform for Korean and foreign entrepreneurs, diplomats and trade counselors, International startup leaders from over 60 countries. We are very interested in improving the awareness of the business and raising the standards of all GBA members. We will share innovative values and beliefs by helping our members to create a bigger picture of their businesses. GBA members from various fields will be more successful in the global market by getting professional and practical support and benefits of GBA," Ozturk said.

"And I believe that it will contribute to Korean economic growth and job creation. In particular, it will be a great help for Korean SMEs who wish to enter overseas markets to expand globally and GBA will serve as a platform through realization of numerous projects for foreign entrepreneurs and domestic startup leaders who are very interested in Korean products," the chairman added.

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