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[GBA 소식 | GBA NEWS] South Korea towards a multicultural nation!

This part of Korea is home to 2.5+ million foreigners who reside all over the country. We are part of the working forces in different fields such as industries and manufacturing, trading and business, education and studies, diplomacy. Recently, a few of us are working hard with our start-up ideas and ventures with Koreans.

Since November of last year, a non-profit organization platform known as Global Business Alliance (GBA) was founded by Mr. Oh Sinan OZTURK, a Turkish-Korean businessman who has been living for 24 years in Korea. It aims to foster a multicultural society utilizing their talents and skills to benefit Korea, and building acceptance of foreigners as a part of Korean diversity. Within a short time, GBA has been recognized widely among Koreans and foreign communities, attracting people from 60+ countries.


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[기자: Bereket Alemayehu and Nicole Lobos]